Monday, April 22, 2013

I'm back!!

Remember me?????

A little daunting to be back on the 'ol blog after such a long break... but I enjoyed a little card time this afternoon and remembered how AWESOME it felt...

There's a lot going on here - LOL - but I couldn't help wanting to use most of my stuff on ONE card... and hey, I'm allowed, right? hee, hee. Actually I still had this Verve set on my desk from the last time I was making cards so I just carried on with using it again.  :)

I love making cards of encouragement... or actually ANY card that's not for a specific reason (secretly not fond of making birthday cards...)  Here's the inside:

Forgot how much I loved & missed my dies!!  Bought some new paper, lace & ribbon today too and I can't wait to get crackin on that. 

So yeah... I'll be back.  ;)