Friday, May 11, 2012

A Lifetime of Happiness

I love making wedding cards.  In fact my craft room is a little heavy on roses, lace, silk, pearls, hearts & flowers.  Can't help it... I gravitate towards the stuff.  Whenever I get a chance to make a wedding card; I jump at it.  I was recently asked to make one and the only stipulation was that it had to be black, white... and purple

I'm not a fan of purple.

I fussed, hummed and hawed... pulled out the 2 pieces of purple paper I own  (probably bought by accident)... twirled my hair... made a coffee, put in a laundry and when I ran out of things to procraste with... I began.  Basically it did not come together easily, but in the end I was happy with the outcome.

Not sure why I let it cause me so much grief... so when I learned that the bride & groom loved the card; I was absolutely THRILLED.  I just love that.

Here's a nice picture the bride's family took... looks all soft & dreamy.

I'm just basically a point & shoot girl.  (... camera that is).

I did stumble across a neat idea with the pin... perhaps you might already do it but I had recently bought a pair of earrings and the tiny plastic backing on them was perfect to cap the pointed end of the pin.  I do hate leaving the end exposed and usually try burying it somehow... always afraid a child will pick it up... and... well I dunno.  But I'm so tickled pink that these little plastic ends that come on new earrings just fit beautifully and give me peace of mind. lol

Well it's Mother's Day weekend... I've already posted 6 Mother's Day cards and with ONE Mom, that's not at all bad.  8)

Hope all you Mom's out there have a lovely well deserved weekend and that your kids spoil you rotten.

Till next time,


Winnie said...

It is such a lovely card. I like the 3 colors together. I have never put them together. I know they will cherish it with the personalization you did too... it made it extra special I am sure.

Gabriela said...

Carla, Carla, Carla! Your card has me over the moon with its stunning beauty. I adore the various elements and die cuts you used and the way you personalized the card for the bride and groom. The vinyl safety clutch at the end of the straight pin is sheer genius. You have extraordinary and meticulous attention to even the tiniest details. Did you and Pauline challenge each other to use purple? In any event, I salute you on your wonderful card.

Carol Dee said...

Lovely card. Very personal, too. One they will keep forever. :)
Happy Mother's Day to you also.

Pauline said...

Carla, another fabulous card. Love all your details from the personalized name, paper, die cuts, ribbon etc - a beautiful keepsake!
Oh an good tip about the end of the pins, I will have to remember that. I seldom use the pins (and I have lots) but always feared someone would stab themselves!

Susan said...

Love your wedding card :) It's beautiful, Carla. I like the pin end idea too. A friend found some little stoppers on eBay and bought a tonne which she shared with some of us, so we always stopper our pins too. It keeps the pin o the card where it belongs as well - no danger of falling out. I found you can add a small bit of Crystal Effects to the sharp pin end if you don't have a stopper. Allow the CE to dry thoroughly and it keeps the pin from being sharp or from being removed :) Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!

Denise Marzec said...

Oh Carla!...this is STUNNING!!!

Debra said...

The wedding card is beautiful. I think sometimes we fuss so much when given a specific color or shape because it's not how we imagined it to be and a bit restricting. Have done this myself and once I'm done, love the outcome but it's not easy getting there!